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One of the key elements of a productive workforce is a well-designed office interior. The right office fit out design can inspire and motivate its employees.

At FE+, we understand how important an office fit out is. We’ve spent years helping different clients achieve their ideal office interior. We specialise in a turnkey fitting out approach so that you can start to make use of your new office as soon as possible.

Whether it’s a small or spacious office space, you can count on us to provide the best solution; we will create an office fit out and have it executed on time and within an affordable price range.

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What is office fit out?

When you engage a professional that provides office fit out services, you are really asking the professional to ensure that the place allocated will be suitable for occupation. Normally one would engage an expert to perform the office fit out services when the base space construction has already been completed by the developer and the space would need to be refurbished to an office setting.

There are two types of office fit out services: Category A fit out and Category B fit out.



Category A Fit Out

It generally includes the following:
– Raised floors done
– Suspended ceilings done
– Internal refurbishment
– Basic electrical works done


Category B Fit Out

This includes:
– Carpet installation
– Meeting rooms design & creation
– Reception & kitchen areas creation
– Audio & visual systems installation
– Furniture installation
– Overall touches to suit brand’s design

Our office fit out services include:
  • Consultation and site survey
  • Conceptualisation
  • Budget management
  • Space planning
  •  Designing layout for:
    – Walls partitions and ceilings
    – Window treatments
    – HVAC system
    – Lighting
    – IT systems
    – Floorings
  • Furniture and colour selection
  • MEP planning and installation
  • Move-in coordination

Avoid these office fit out mistakes

#1 Overlooking health and safety factors

It is easy to focus on the design and layout presentation of a given space, however, it is easy to overlook functionality and the overall safety level of the office. Adequate lighting should be done, and furniture and equipment should be segregated nicely to avoid congestion. Ignoring safety features could really make a difference in your workers’ productivity level.

#2 Placing little emphasis on decor

An experienced professional will ensure that your office furniture and decor will suit the company’s brand image. Office furniture is crucial in ensuring that the right office environment is created to provide employees a great environment to work in.

#3 Installing little power points

Be aware of the headcount of your workforce, so that your employees would never encounter a lack in electrical sockets or data ports. Reduce the hassle of having several extension ports installed. An organization should make this a priority rather than to settle to what the cultural norm is. This will really reduce future daily work inconveniences.

#4 Ignoring common spaces

Learn to factor in a common space as part of the requirement in your office. A common space will provide intangible benefits such as: providing a comfortable environment for employees to collaborate, discuss and do ideas generation collectively. If you really are running low on space, then consider setting up rooms that serve more than one purpose.


  • GEPS Pte Ltd
  • Koning Metal Pte Ltd
  • Disable People’s Association
  • Metal Engineering Component Ltd
  • Synergy (2012) Pte Ltd
  • Muve Fitness
  • Delmedica investment Pte Ltd
  • KALF Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Guide Point
  • Warees Investment Pte Ltd
  • ODE Consulting Pte Ltd
  • Sri Trang International Pte Ltd


Frankie came across as someone who is knowledgeable and very well verse in the office fitting out. We manage to save quite a substantial sum of cost from our relocation recently. What I am also impress is he was able to convince our management that his layout is in line with Fire Safety code and that reduce our renovation time frame by 1 week.

Thank you Frankie

Catherine Agatha Soon, Synergy (2012) Pte Ltd

I would like to comment your staff Frankie for doing up our office recently.

Although it is small office, but he took his time and painstakingly improve our office layout which made our work flow more efficient. Not only that, he advised on cost was also quite surprising as most contractors I dealt with would welcome more things to be done as they will make more money.

It’s truly refreshing to find someone as straight forward as him nowadays. Your company has a great candidate that care for client. Keep it up.

Mr Tey, Koning Metal Pte Ltd

Our office was recently done by FE + Associates Pte Ltd. Of all the quotation that we received, your quote was the most reasonable. It involves many night work and dealing with our management was quite a hassle. Your workers have done a tremendous job in keeping the place clean and tidy throughout the whole process and manage to solve some of our members’ handicap problem.

We are quite glad that we have made a correct choice by choosing your company and will look forward to work with your company and also recommend our other associates to you without hesitation.

We will be organizing our annual event soon and extend our invitation to your company. See you all soon.

Anusiah, DPA (Disable People’s Association)

Frankie came highly recommended by our estate agent when we were looking for a place for our new gym. We make many changes and amendments before our work and he was quite patience and explain to us what could and could not be done. At time I know he was quite frustrated due to my demands. As we are facing a time pressure due to our press release, work has to be done around the clock.

He manages the whole thing pretty well (including the complains from our neighbor) and manage to deliver to us on time, but slightly over budget. Nevertheless, it was a commendable feat that I know his is trying to do. Hope your company continue your great work and looking forward for more collaboration on our future expansion.

Tommy Yau, Muve Fitness, Director


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