Office Interior Designs of 2018


Whether you know it or not, your office’s interior design speaks a lot about your company. Whether your workspace has been refurbished or designed by office fit out specialists, the appearance will help in acquiring trust from your clients. At the same time, how the workplace appears can also affect the productivity of your employees.

Every year brings with it new trends, and that applies for office interior design as well. With that in mind, here are some of the top office interior design trends so far this year:

Unconventional working spaces

Unconventional working spaces, also known as a co-working space or environment, are a trend that has gained popularity among many millennials. This kind of design emphasises on the importance of having open spaces where employees can either freely interact with their colleagues or focus individually on their tasks. The main purpose of an unconventional working space is to inspire communication and collaboration, which will ultimately lead to a more productive workforce.

Dynamic areas and spaces

A key component of dynamic spaces is the term ‘ever-changing’. In the context of an office space, this means that the space can be used for any purpose – from a room for special events to a space for an important conference. This also makes it convenient for employees as they have their very own multi-purpose room. For this design, almost all the furniture used can be easily swapped to accommodate to the purpose of the activity being held. Hence it is advisable to use lightweight furniture.

Design for comfort

Another prominent trend is designing a working environment where employees are able to experience a sense of comfort. The goal is to make the office homey and well suited for all of its workers. Expect to find game rooms, a kitchen or cafeteria, fridges, even shower areas.

Going green

Nowadays, offices are starting to realise the value of going green. This is one of the reasons why many of them are making an effort to add in touches of nature to their spaces. Although it may seem like a fairly easy design element to incorporate, careful planning is needed when choosing the right plants and figuring out where would be the most suitable location to place them.

Industrial interior design

A lot of companies are joining the bandwagon of following a “cement-everything” look for their office interior. Walls are usually not painted over; instead, they are left alone to show the colour of the cement. This trend is also inspired by the minimalist look. An office that has an industrial theme gives off a more formal and clean appearance.


If you have an idea of what kind of interior design you want to go with, or if you are interested in integrating some of the trends mentioned above, then you should get in touch with a company specialising in interior design services today. Having a skilled designer will surely help you get the concept that fits your requirements.


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