How do you “modernize” your office and create a setting that appeals to the modern day employee? This question is more intricate than you might guess at first. Afterall, what is considered modern? Would it mean high tech settings combined with sleek sharp design? To answer this question, we need to look at the trending styles in office interior design.

Over the past few years, we have observed 3 distinct office renovation Singapore patterns that have emerged. This includes that of the environment, smart technology and user behaviour driven design. In this article, we take a look at all 3 concepts and their common implementations.

Natural Environment

The environmental concept is driven by twin desires – biophilia and environmentalism.


In layman terms, biophilia is a desire by us to be exposed to nature on a consistent basis. With ever increasing hours in offices, we naturally wish for a break from man-made settings. This is where the concept of biophilic design comes into play. Since we are constrained in office environments, we can still get our fix of nature by bringing them indoors.

Interior designers have risen to this challenge by creating designs that bring nature to us, literally. Be it through the inclusion of natural materials, plant walls, water features or nature inspired designs. These designs help to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors while giving our eyes a much needed break.

Meeting rooms and common areas can feature stone, dark wood and nature fibres for furniture and furnishings. Combined with a general colour scheme of browns, orange and greens, and what you have is a woodland environment.

More than just an aesthetic or psychological boost, biophilic design introduces tangible effects. This includes better oxygen supply and air quality. As such, your employees are in for better health and wellness, which in turn pays you back in productivity.

Recycled Materials

Recycled materials are definitely in vogue at the moment. With more awareness and understanding of environmental conservation, employees are keen to work for pro-environment companies. What better way to demonstrate your commitment towards the environment than to incorporate recycled materials into your office space.

Some popular ideas include that of

  • Reclaimed wood furniture
  • Pallet based coffee tables and benches
  • Plastic bottle nets
  • Car tyre-based plant pots
  • Plastic bottle lamps
  • Bottle cock keychains

Recycled pieces complement biophilia features well, providing a little contrast between man-made and natural materials. Furthermore, it gives your office space an edgy appearance that is refreshing and exciting to work within. In need of more ideas? Consider getting your employees to embark on personal recycling activities as part of larger company cohesion objectives.

Smart Technology

Businesses have always been keen implementers of technology. This is especially where said technology helps to boost their bottom-line. What then sets apart “smart technology”? Smart technology takes things one step further, specifically catering to the users of a space.

The idea here is that the technology should be flexible and adaptable on the fly. Thereby, it is able to cater to a range of different people depending on a set of prewritten rules. Think shifting hue lighting, 360-degree video conferencing, keyless entry and automated blinds. Wherever your employees go in your office, the environment caters to their needs. As such, you can be assured that they will be able to work at their optimal capabilities. 

Internet Of Things

Ready to take things one step further? Introduce Internet Of Things (IOT) into your office space. IOT in layman terms refers to smart devices in a space being connected to a single network. In doing so, they are capable of collecting, sharing and utilising data in near real time circumstances.

An example would be a light measuring device that signals a light bulb to turn on when it gets dark. Previously, this could at best be triggered manually or at a pre-set timing. However, this would not cover a situation where dark storm clouds hover over the area and block out the sunlight.

Enabling Hot Desking

Hot desking has become a common arrangement in offices around the world. Due to space and financial constraints, hot desking arrangements make a lot of sense. From full occupancy optimisation to tidier settings, hot desking has proven to be the way to go. However, a common issue that arises in larger offices is that of time wasted finding a seat.

This is where smart technology can again come to the rescue. By sensing that a seat is occupied, a central system can be updated in real time. Thereafter, an employee can easily reference a smart map of the office to find unoccupied seats. It is even possible to book these seats utilising the exact same system.

User Behaviour Design

By now, you most likely have seen many fanciful office designs online, resembling that of a cosy home interior or hip café. These are not attempts at just creating aesthetically pleasing environments. Rather, they have been constructed in line with real users’ needs and demands.

Introducing the comforts of home

Millennials have been found to thrive in a co-living environment where they work, play and live under one roof. This means that they tend to blur the distinctions between these 3 aspects of life, and thus need a working environment that reflects that. In response, offices nowadays have many little comforts sprinkled throughout.

From plush and relaxing coffee areas to game rooms, offices often resemble that of a thoughtfully designed living room. Employees then proceed with their laptop to their working space of choice at any time of the day. In need of a casual discussion? Grab your colleagues and head to the café like setup to do the discussion over a cup of coffee. Want a creative brainstorming session? Why not do it in a space themed room finished with rocket like seats.

Striking colours and geometric designs

Gone are the days where offices often had a one or only a handful of neutral colours. While this was previously considered to be tasteful and professional, in the modern day, this setting comes off as dull. Instead, geometric patterns coupled with striking colours are all the rage.

When combined well, these designs create strong focus points in any space that surprise and delight employees. The key idea here is to not delve into excessiveness. Instead, use such striking designs and colours sparingly, having at most 1 or 2 pieces within a space to grab people’s attention.

When it comes to colours, move away from the clinical feel and pick bold ones that scream creativity. Consider jewel tones and autumnal shades that standout from the typical neutral settings.

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