Interior Designs For A Small Office


Is your current office smaller than what you imagined? Are you looking for commercial building interior design ideas to maximise your small office space? If you answered ‘yes’, then read on for some pointers on how to convert your space into one that communicates both function and style in a compact area.

Choose the right furniture

It is important to find the right desks and chairs for your office. Not only do you need to find furniture that is suitable for your employees to work with, but also has to occupy the least amount of space. Before you purchase any of them, be sure to measure correctly the dimensions of your office so that you can visualise the layout with ease.

Go for lighter colours

Opt for bright and lighter shades of paint for your interior walls, as dark colours will only make your small office look even smaller. In contrast, using light colours makes the room seem bigger

Know how to use light

The light that you use in the office can also have an effect in maximising your limited office space; installing ceiling lights is a great example. It is also highly recommended to let in as much natural lighting as you can; not only is it energy saving, it also results in employees being more productive and having a positive mood at work.

Be careful in buying stuff

Having the chance to redesign your office is an exciting task; you may be tempted to buy several items to decorate your desk or other parts of the workplace. However, this does not mean that you can simply grab anything you see fit. Too much stuff can clutter your office space, this is especially so if you are working in a small office.


The process of designing any office directly impacts its workers performance. Many factors need to be considered, in addition to the points mentioned above. In the case of a small office, the main purpose of designing its interior is to make full use of its limited space with the right furniture and space planning.

If you need assistance in wanting to redesign your small office, there are many interior design consultants that offer services in small office interior design.


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