For most office workers, the office is like a second home where you live, breathe and work during working hours.

There is no doubt that a comfortable working environment will do wonders for working life by boosting company morale which would lead to an increase in productivity.

For businesses operating in small office spaces, the thought of maximizing your limited space may give you quite the headache.

From having to worry about the size of your furniture or equipment which may affect the functionality your office to the hassle of making sure every employee has enough breathing space to work comfortably.

These are one of the many issues that may arise when planning out the interior design for a small office.

To ease your worry, why not engage an interior design consultant to guide you on attaining your vision of designing a dream office space that you and your employees will love to work in.


Arrangement and type of furniture

The arrangement of your office furniture plays an important role in the operational workflow of your office

A tight office space where there is visual clutter or oversized furniture will certainly dampen your employees’ momentum to get work done.


Multifunctional Furniture

The use of multifunctional furniture would be a good set up for a small office.

You will be able to save more space by cutting down the need for single-function furniture. Something as simple as a bookshelf with hooks on the side could easily help your employees to organize their handbags, keys and even umbrellas.

The use of an extendable table can serve a great purpose when a big meeting called. The table can be then transformed back to its original size.


Maximizing Storage Space

When there is not enough storage space that can be incorporated on the ground why not look up for a way to solve your storage needs.

Wall-mounted bookshelves are not only good for books but also for organizing miscellaneous office equipment.

Additionally, you may also build wall-mounted desks that can appear and disappear in a second.


Foldable Chairs and Tables 

Another great way of saving space is to have furniture that can be neatly kept away when not in use or when there is a need to make space for other activities.

Durable sets of foldable tables and chairs can be used on daily basis and kept away when the workday ends. Foldable chairs can be easily mounted on the wall for easy access.

However, make sure your foldable furniture is sturdy and comfortable to ensure the greatest comfort for your employees in the long run.

A minimalist approach would be suitable for a small office where a design focuses on bringing out the best in a small space without cutting off too many corners. Contact your trusted interior design consultant for more ideas on striking a balance between style and function for your office.


Colour Scheme 

It is important to determine the colour scheme of your office as this is a chance to create a different environment or conjure a certain mood that you want to incorporate in your office.

Some businesses may choose a colour scheme that represents their brand while some may choose to use colour to accentuate their work culture.

Companies involved in the creative industry may choose to go with a colour scheme that pops out and showcases a vibrant and creative work environment. Using bold and bright colours such as orange, red and yellow in moderation would definitely make a statement for any prospective clients visiting your office.

Those opting to go for a peaceful and calming environment may choose to experiment with different hues of green or blue for a few selected pieces of furniture. You can choose either a decorative piece or if possible a functional piece of furniture or equipment to add these colours into your workspace.

To incorporate a nature-inspired colour scheme in your office you may choose wooden furniture such as wooden cabinets, chairs, tables, desks and bookshelves. Pay attention to the tone of your wooden furniture to achieve your desired effect as different tones will give off a different temperature colour. The key here is to create a working contrast between your furniture and the colour of your walls and floorings.


Giving Character To Your Office

Other than colours, there are many other ways in which you can give your office space some personality.


Plants and Water Features

Among the many growing trends seen in offices, one of them is to have a couple of living plants on the premise. Employees will certainly be glad to reap the benefits of having some green in the office to take away the strain on their eyes. Some desktop plants that would make a great addition in your office would be bonsai, cactus and aloe vera (for when anyone gets a cut or burn). 

Additionally, if your goal is to have a relaxing environment for employees, you may consider adding a water feature in your workspace. Taking into account the availability of space, a tabletop water feature which can fit snuggly on a bookshelf may be a suitable choice.


Windows For Natural Light

Incorporating a large window design that allows natural light in would be a great way to let your employees soak up some sun without breaking a sweat.

A large window design will also enable you and your employees to be connected to the world outside which may be an effective way to rejuvenate after a long day at work.


Understand Your Business Needs

When planning out interior design for a small office, you must first and foremost consider your business needs as companies from different industries will have different priorities for effective operations. 

Your company may be looking for ways to incorporate an effective open office concept, searching for storage solutions, reinventing a space for meetings or just needing a facelift. 

Get in touch with a commercial building interior design consultant that truly understands your business needs and is able to design according to your priority. 

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