When a consumer decides on the restaurant to eat at, one might think that the food is all that one considers. However, various research has shown that it is increasing common that a customer will consider a restaurant’s aesthetic, ambience and other less tangible values that it brings for the customer before deciding to step into a restaurant to dine in. Thus, a satisfactory dining experience really is more than just providing good food or service to a customer. One should note that there is great importance in the restaurant’s interior design that influences first time visits and encourage revisits.

In this article, we hope to highlight the importance of having a good interior design for your restaurant.

Seating Space

No customer would want to feel crammed while eating. Thus, there needs to be a balance between comfort and capacity. Tables should not be too close so customers and staff are able to navigate throughout your restaurant without bumping into tables. The style and size of the furniture you select is also crucial to ensure that your space is maximized. It is important that you and your designer plan and work out the space and its layout.


Specific colours you select can portray the theme of your restaurant and food. Choose similar colours to your logo and branding, it will help you stand out from your competitors. Colour perception is connected to emotions, therefore, colours play a big role to ensure that the right emotions are invoked whenever a customer steps into your restaurant. Avoid using colours that would make your restaurant look dull. Consult your interior design to work out a colour palette best suited for your brand image.


Depending on the theme of your restaurant and the atmosphere you want to create for your customers, lighting can certainly make a big impact. The right lighting can enhance your restaurant’s décor; it is also able to help brighten up your space which helps the customer’s overall dining experience. Natural light brings a more open feel to your area. If you are unable to or prefer artificial lighting, then you should always choose the colour of your lighting wisely. Yellow or golden lighting can create a warm feeling, the same feeling of a candle lit dinner, while bright colours can help to create a vibrant look to your restaurant’s interior.

In summary, these are some factors for you to consider when it comes to designing your F&B restaurant layout. It is advisable to hire a professional restaurant design consultant or trained and experienced interior designer. It plays a significant role in your interior’s outcome which you may not be able to achieve if you were to plan it out yourself. Remember, it is always important for your customers to leave your premises feeling satisfied by your food and happy with your overall dining experience.

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