F&B interior designing tips for a successful eatery


The café and restaurant industry is a cutthroat business, with many of them trying to differentiate themselves towards their target consumers by their differing menus.

Another way to set themselves apart from their competitors is through the use of interior design. This is an important factor, especially for new customers who visit an outlet for the first time. How a restaurant appears on the inside sets the atmosphere for their dining experience; it could affect their opinion on the food that they will consume.

A good F&B interior design should be distinctive enough for customers to visit again. Read on to learn about five key components that go into designing the ideal eatery.


The layout is a significant part of any F&B interior design – it determines the efficiency of your staff and the amount of comfortable walking space for customers to move around. Especially in the case of cafés in small spaces, it is crucial to design a layout that maximises every corner.


Coming up with a concept for an eatery normally depends on two influences: target customers and the food that will be served. The key is to find a balance between the two, while also being able to come up with a design that is altogether unique and original. If there are competing neighbouring outlets with similar menus the concept could be the differentiating factor.


Lighting helps to set the tone in any location. Depending on how the F&B outlet is designed, you can make use or either natural light or artificial lights to enhance the overall tone. Natural light is more suited for eateries wanting to imitate a bright and airy atmosphere, while artificial lights like wall light fixtures and neon lights can give off a more sophisticated vibe.

Target customers

Every F&B business should always keep in mind their target customers when designing the interior. From colours and lighting to the tables and chairs chosen, everything needs to be suited to what appeals to the target demographic. For example, if the target customers are youths then the interior design can be more bold and experimental.


The colour of an eatery should be in accordance with the theme or concept chosen. A good colour scheme should be one that is comforting yet dynamic. As colour is what will be seen throughout the majority of the interior, careful planning should be considered so that the colour coordinates well with the lighting and furniture.


Designing the perfect interior for an eatery is not a small feat, even if the outlet is in a small space. Owners of these businesses should always hire professionals who specialise in interior design services to help make their F&B dream a reality.


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