Shopping has become an integral part of our lives. We shop out of necessity (e.g. grocery shopping), while other times we visit stores just to browse through their products. Retail interior design plays an important part for both of these reasons. However, some retailers fail to properly utilise good interior design, which could ultimately affect their sales. Here we look at four mistakes that are common in retail interior design, and provide ways on
  Is your current office smaller than what you imagined? Are you looking for commercial building interior design ideas to maximise your small office space? If you answered ‘yes’, then read on for some pointers on how to convert your space into one that communicates both function and style in a compact area. Choose the right furniture It is important to find the right desks and chairs for your office. Not only do you need
  Whether you know it or not, your office’s interior design speaks a lot about your company. Whether your workspace has been refurbished or designed by office fit out specialists, the appearance will help in acquiring trust from your clients. At the same time, how the workplace appears can also affect the productivity of your employees. Every year brings with it new trends, and that applies for office interior design as well. With that in
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