A well designed office is key to ensuring that your employees are in an environment that encourages workplace productivity. Not only does a well-designed office look pleasant to the eye, but it helps to facilitate ideas generation. Thus, it is always important to consider revamping your office once in a while to ensure that it serves your brand’s image and remains modernized. Here, we will share some tricks to modernize your office. Choose the right
  Hiring a commercial interior design firm to improve the look of your office or work place is no easy task. There are many factors that should be taken in consideration during the selection process beside the more common issues such as budget and design style. Try using these tips help you narrow your search. Does the firm have the appropriate amount experience? Experience in this context is not pertaining to the amount of time
  Interior design services are generally split into two categories: residential interior design and commercial interior design. While residential interior designers are specifically catered to redesign or craft new living spaces for homeowners, commercial interior design helps to design for a wider range of clients. These include retail stores, F&B outlets, hotels, offices, educational institutes and many other commercial entities. Because of this, there are many commercial interior design consultants that specialise in interior designing
  The café and restaurant industry is a cutthroat business, with many of them trying to differentiate themselves towards their target consumers by their differing menus. Another way to set themselves apart from their competitors is through the use of interior design. This is an important factor, especially for new customers who visit an outlet for the first time. How a restaurant appears on the inside sets the atmosphere for their dining experience; it could
  Shopping has become an integral part of our lives. We shop out of necessity (e.g. grocery shopping), while other times we visit stores just to browse through their products. Retail interior design plays an important part for both of these reasons. However, some retailers fail to properly utilise good interior design, which could ultimately affect their sales. Here we look at four mistakes that are common in retail interior design, and provide ways on